Because there is a chance that I, as a result of my fierce wanderlust, will change Flights every six months until I’ve seen them all (and recognizing that yes, this will take upwards of five years), I’ve determined that each time I join a new Flight, I’ll gain a new progenitor, a Gen 1 plentiful from an unhatched egg of that Flight who will represent my journey into their territory. Let me introduce you to my progenitors so far!

This is Lilith, my first progenitor from my birth Flight, Plague. She was my random progen when I started the game, and although she’s obviously been gened and breed-changed, she will never be scattered because she’s just too perfect, even with her Emerald tert which doesn’t match with the Rose so well. Although I was stupid enough to exalt my custom, I’ll always keep my random with me.

Althaea is my progen from Earth Flight. I like to hatch them the day I join the new Flight, although Althaea is a few months older. I’ll be keeping her as a Mirror, but she needs Shimmer to be really complete. I doubt I’ll be affording that any time soon! Once she’s shimmerized, I’ll have to decide what kind of nifty outfit I want her in.

I do already have progenitors ready for two other Flights. This isn’t ideal for me, but they were two Gen 1 dragons who I hatched and whose colors were too magnificent to replace. My pride and joy of my progens thus far has to be my Arcane matriarch, Kali.

At Ice/White/Shadow, Kali is absolutely gorgeous, and the picture of perfection. Her magnificent representation of her Flight really makes Arcane stand out on the list for me. It was one of the several Flights on my first list of potentials when I joined. Alas, it was crossed off first. But it made the cut!

Camouflage will be my Nature progen, and he’s also the first patriarch! Naturally, I have plans for Speckle/Freckle with this one, and his Avocado tert was really fortunate given his theme. He couldn’t be more ideal for his own Flight.

The next Flight I’ll be joining in July is Shadow, so I’ve been Scavenging desperately for a Shadow egg. I was going to give one to my friend first, but he decided he didn’t want a Shadow dragon, so it’s all on me now. When I make the change, I’ll hatch the egg… and possible scatter it if it’s atrocious. I’m not averse to scatterscrolling. I scattered Kali, and look how she came out!

Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll have 11 progenitor dragons, to tell the tale of every Flight I’ve been a part of!

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i feel even worse today than i did yesterday. i just don’t wanna be around anything or anyone anymore.

You got this. Everything sucks but you got this. The hours are gonna tick and you’re gonna make it. I wish I knew how to be inspiring/helpful because if I did I’d use it on myself in those moments, but even if I’m bad at that, I believe 100% that you totally, absolutely got this.

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Basic Flight Rising Etiquette: How to be the Conscientious Player


What is the purpose of this guide?

To inform and educate new players on general conduct in Flight Rising that may be obvious and expected of veteran players, but unfamiliar to newer players.

What does this guide not do?

This is not a guide for the game mechanics of Flight Rising. It is expected that you have familiarized yourself with the basics of each aspect of FR.

Nor is this a guide on how-to make treasure. You can find that here.

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Help me decide! What do I do with Lich? Mirror or Tundra?

I’m sticking with Tundra - for now! I might still go Mirror in the future (fluff vs. muscles!), but I suspect that regardless he’ll be Nocturned when those release anyway.

Now I just need the bleak birdskull set for him so he can look like a scary shaman. Whoo!

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what’s the point of liking a sales post?

I’ll like a sales post if I want to buy a dragon in the post but I’m on mobile atm and can’t reach a computer - I don’t like trying to use FR on my shit phone. That was I have a quick link to it when I’m back at my computer, if it’s still available.

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Help me decide! What do I do with Lich? Mirror or Tundra?

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So when it comes out, assuming I get into it (I may not, we’ll see) I’m going to be using this blog for Clanheart as well as FR. If you don’t know what that is check it out here, it looks kind of rad so far. When that happens (and if I’m talking about it a bit before it releases) I will tag all my FR posts as Flight Rising, and all my Clanheart posts as Clanheart. That way you can Tumblr Savior whatever you’re not here for.

Speaking of Clanheart, Dragons or Deer? DRAGONS OR DEER? This is killing me inside. I don’t know what to do. The deer call to me, but Depravity already Does Dragons, so what do? D:

Earth Nests!


Okay so I lied. I need help with Earth nests to keep up with this free dragon project. I’m currently in need of 10 nests, let me know if you would be willing to volunteer or rent a nest out!

I’ve got three, but not so much lair space. I can probably host two pairs if you need it!

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LS interest?



Would there be any interest in a livestream of gene work? Warning: It’s incredibly repeitive. It’s not very artsy. There’s no sketching or anything involved, just lots of templating and recoloring. =X

If not, I can do a livestream later this week of icons and familiars, which might be more fun. :)

Yes please :D I would love to watch a Livestream! ^^


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